Finding His Voice

Finding His VoiceToday I watched my little boy proudly introduce himself to adults that he had never met before and inform them all confidently that he is now 5 years old. If you had told me a yr ago he would do this, I never would have believed you! Then, he couldn even say his own name.

My little lad has a speech disorder called verbal dyspraxia, on top of other additional needs. He finds many things challenging and can be very shy and withdrawn in new environments and new people.

Forest Schools has been amazing to support him to develop his communication skills, his trust in unfamiliar adults and to build on his confidence. Take him away from the harsh lights, the chaos, the overload of information and place him in the calm, peaceful, low-arousal
woods and he becomes a different child.

Finding His Voice

The sensory environment can impact our development in many ways. The use of artificial lights, noises, and having to process so much information can be overwhelming for many children and adults. Forest school provides the space, the calm and the freedom for children
to be able to think and breath and just be. They have the opportunity to climb, to swing and to run, which can all help soothe a child’s sensory system and help them stay emotionally regulated.

My boy chooses to run, to climb, to hide in the hammock, to swing on the ropes. He loves to be the leader in games such as 1,2,3 Where are you? and Whats the time Mr Wolf? He is developing friendships that were previously difficult for him to manage. Yes, he still has a
speech disorder and can be difficult to understand, but to see him so happy and so confident fills my heart.

He found his voice in the woods.

Thanks for reading this months blog, Finding His Voice. Hope to see to next month.

Helen x

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