Blossom Buddies – Forest School Affiliation Programme

We believe a true ‘Forest School’ approach can only be achieved when supported by ALL staff.

The ‘Blossom Buddy’ Forest School Training & Affiliation programme has been designed to revolutionise educational practice and prepare a new generation of practitioners and educators to incorporate Forest school ethos and principles and allow as many children as possible to benefit from such practice.

Our programme trains and certifies staff with a Level One Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles and the early years setting or school is awarded ‘Blossom Buddy’ status. Which affiliates them with Katylou’s Forest School, ensuring we support their forest school practice and recognise them as a ‘Blossom Buddy’ setting and validate each to truly incorporate forest school ethos and principles.

Our approved ‘Blossom Buddy’ Schools and Early Years Settings can be found Here

Training and Affiliation Programme

One full day of practical training for all staff (held at a weekend or weekday)
Training and certificate in ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles

Two 90-minute Webinars and certified training courses
‘Outdoor Play and Forest School for Cognitive Behaviour, Health and Wellbeing’
‘The Other Pandemic – Mental Health’

Affiliation with Katylou’s Forest School for one year
Accreditation and award of ‘Blossom Buddy’ status
Use of our ‘Blossom Buddy’ Forest School affiliate logo

Promotion and Support
Promotion on our Website as a Blossom Buddy Affiliate
Ongoing support and advice, plus assistance in completion of portfolio

50% discount on webinars with Katylou’s Ltd
25% discount on child places at Katylou’s Forest School

Cost of Affiliation

Our Forest School Affiliation Programme is designed to train ALL or at least a majority of staff and therefore ensures that Forest School is a sustainable and cost effective, embedded, whole staff approach. Our standard fee for a one-year affiliation is only £995 and includes full training, portfolio support and certificate in ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles for up to four members of staff.


for up to 4 members of staff

We encourage ALL staff to attend training and charge per individual, over the four included in the basic package. Additional staff can either:

  • Attend the practical training and webinars for a nominal fee of £50.00pp
  • Attend the practical training and webinars, complete a portfolio and certify in ITC Level 1 Award in Forest School Ethos and Principles for a fee of £200.00pp

Funding for Ofsted Registered Childminders

Up to £750.00 towards training provided by Katylou’s Forest School!

Standard price £995.00 but with full funding, would only cost:

£245.00 per person


How can I book a training place?

Places are limited and will be given on first come first served basis and can be booked online here (link to booking site). Enter the funding code CML (in capital letters) in the discount field, which will allocate £750 of funding towards and recalculate the amount payable to £245.00. Your place is then secure, you will receive a booking confirmation email and further detailed information will be emailed to you shortly after your booking.

Please note that, we are assuming that you are working alone as a childminder. To qualify for Blossom Buddy Status, ALL staff within a setting need to undertake the L1 training, this would be funded for them also and therefore, they would pay only £195.

When and where are the next Training sessions?

Burbage, Nr Hinckley, South Leicestershire

Saturday 16th January 2021 – 09:15am-4:30pm

Moira, Nr Swadlincote, North Leicestershire

Saturday 6th February 2021 – 09:15am-4:30pm

Why is there funding available for childminders?

Katylou’s Forest School is an advocate for the promotion of positive Mental Health in Children. With the disruption and consequences of COVID-19, increasing the risks of us all suffering with these conditions, we are relieved and excited to have the opportunity to offer funding towards Forest School Training OR funding towards places on our weekly Forest School Sessions to ensure that EVERY child can access and enjoy the magic of Forest School!

Why should Forest School Training should be accessible for all?

We do not claim that Forest schools can cure or prevent mental health concerns in children, however it is clear from the following facts that it can contribute significantly to the cognitive well-being of children.

  1. A 2006 study states contact with nature could be applied in early intervention as well as treatment, along with physical activity and social connectivity. “The case example illustrates how ‘active,’ ‘social’ and ‘adventurous’ contact with nature may be combined with a treatment intervention to protect and enhance the health of individuals experiencing chronic mental, emotional and physical health difficulties,” the study authors write.
  2. 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday, while 50% of mental health problems in adult life (excluding dementia) take root before the age of 15.
  3. A recent study found that taking a walk-in nature reduced depression scores in 71 percent of participants. Other studies have shown that reconnecting with green can help lift depression, improve energy, and boost overall well-being and mental health. As American author Richard Louv says in his book The Nature Principle, people living in high-tech societies often suffer from what he calls ” Nature Deficit Disorder.”
  4. Suicide is the number one cause of death for young people aged 5-19 in England and Wales and 16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness.
  5. Richard Ryan, professor of psychology at the University of Rochester and an author of the 2010 study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, said “Research has shown that people with a greater sense of vitality don’t just have more energy for things they want to do, they are also more resilient to physical illnesses,”
  6. 75% of young people with a mental health problem are not receiving treatment

Armed with this knowledge and understanding, you will appreciate the need for available Forest School opportunities to be promoted and supported.

Funding for Ofsted Registered Childminders

Up to £250.00 towards child places Katylou’s Forest School!

Forest School Sessions

Katylou’s Forest School sessions are held regularly, all year round and we have funding towards places on our ‘Carer and child’ sessions on the following sessions:

11:30am and 1:30pm and our Afterschool sessions for 4-12 year olds at 3:40pm, both held on Wednesdays at Burbage Common, Leicester Road, Hinckley. Leics. LE10 3DD

1 child awarded = a block of 8 sessions for one child
2 children awarded £200 funding = a block of 8 sessions for 2 children
3 children awarded £300 funding = a block of 8 sessions for 3 children
4 children awarded £400 funding = a block of 8 sessions for 4 children
5 children awarded £400 funding = a block of 6 sessions for 5 children

We are confident that you will love the sessions and get a huge amount out of these. So, cost of continuation of sessions thereafter would revert to the standard fee unless you become a ‘Blossom Buddy’ through which you will receive 25% discount on child places.