Music and Movement Affiliation

Music and Movement AffiliationThe Chief Medical Officer guidelines for physical activity have recently been updated. Recommending children under the age of five should be doing a minimum of three hours of physical activity every day.

Katylou’s Music and Movement licenced Programme ensures this is achievable through its comprehensive package suitable for all Early Years, Foundation and key stage one.

The programme includes the following:

A one year licence to use our intellectual property, programmes, curriculums, songs, ethos and plans within your school for the duration of your affiliation. We include a comprehensive training manual detailing how each song is delivered with guidance on how it links to the EYFS, song lyrics and curriculums so your staff will find it easy to adopt our programme and incorporate Music and Movement into their teaching.

Music and Movement AffiliationA Two hour comprehensive and unique workshop delivered on our behalf by KLH Consultancy Limited, focussing on the importance of core strength and considering its fundamental role in child development and it’s correlation with academic achievement and higher learning. Designed to be interactive and entertaining whilst inspiring and educating staff to provide a profound understanding and confidence to cascade information to parents and carers and gain a greater respect for physical play.

Individual certificates of attendance are provided to all staff who attend the workshop to add to their CPD profile and a complimentary package of five ‘Bippity Bop’ CD’s to compliment the curriculum are included in the package. The standard retail price is £8.99 and you can order additional sets of five at a cost of £25.00.

The cost of the Programme is £275.00

*Licence renewal fee £50.00 per year