Music and Movement

Our Parent and Child Music and Movement sessions are currently on hold due to Covid-19. However, our Early Years and Primary Affiliation Programme is available.

Katylou’s Music and Movement sessions provide children with the opportunity to move their bodies and develop gross and fine motor skills, build co-ordination, confidence and improve core strength. All of which impact on the ability to learn and undertake simple tasks such as sitting still, holding a pencil and dressing themselves.

Our sessions are designed to enhance physical development, co-ordination and core strength which aid efficient learning. These are essential for developing reading and writing skills, inspiring children’s imagination, stimulating their interests and engaging their senses.

We teach through music because it engages the brain whilst stimulating neural pathways associated with such higher forms of intelligence as abstract thinking, empathy and mathematics. It is perfectly designed for training children’s listening skills. Good listening skills and school achievement go hand in hand.

We include lots of fun props, such as instruments, lycra, rainbow sticks, balloons, parachutes, bubbles and wearing ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ hats, jester hats to become a ‘Jack in a Box’, ‘Sleeping Bunny’ ears, eye patches become friendly pirates and even animal costumes!

Music is an Aural art and young children and Aural learners. Since ears are fully developed before birth, infants begin learning from the sounds of their environment before birth. It’s melodic and rhythmic patterns provide exercise for the brain and help develop memory. Consider if any of us learned our alphabet without the ABC song.

Developmentally appropriate music activities involve the whole child, the child’s desire for language, urge to move, the brains attention to patterns, the ears lead in initiating communication, the voices response to sounds, co-ordination.

The Chief Medical Officer guidelines for physical activity have recently been updated. Recommending children under the age of five should be doing a minimum of three hours of physical activity every day.

Unique, fun, developmental sessions for children. Providing opportunities for all children to reach their physical potential through quality unique, fun, developmental sessions


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