About Katylous

Katy Harris is the founder of Katylou’s Ltd and has gained widespread acclaim for her real-life work and developmental programmes.

Having first trained to teach the multi-award-winning programme ‘Sing and Sing’ with a focus on speech and language development, interest in other areas of child development led to the development of Katylou’s Music and Movement.

As a mum of three busy boys, life consisted mostly of outdoor play, walks, nature, mud, dirt and lots of climbing. Noting that this free, outdoor play was seemingly overlooked, underrated and disregarded, Katylou’s Forest School was developed and completed the range of developmental programmes.
Despite having unintentionally fallen into child development, previous education in Sports Science, Sports Leadership, Education & Training, Bachelor’s degree in Law and trained Family Mediator, have all proved to be pivotal in the development of these programmes.

Although, child development activities are what we offer, much of our focus is on parents. Afterall, children do not arrive with an instruction manual and parenting can be tough; from traumatic births experiences, mental health struggles, financial pressures, relationship battles and everything in-between.

Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing has always been at our forefront but is more crucial now than ever, with the additional pressures that covid-19 has placed on parents and children; resulting in increased mental health struggles, loneliness, isolation, suicide and self-harm. In particular in young children and adolescents.

At Katylou’s, we pride ourselves on the friendly, patient, positive and empathetic characteristics possessed by each and every member of our valuable team. We strive to ensure families feel confident that we will welcome them in a fun, valuable, supportive, accommodating and safe environment.

The Three Faces of Katy

About Katylous

Mummy – where she will be found fully dedicated to playing, laughing, teaching and ‘chilling’ with one, two or all three of her amazing boys.

Professional – where she will be found training, consulting, educating researching, knowledge sharing, networking and mediating.

Activity Leader – where she will be found, up a tree, climbing ropes, making mud pies, building dens, bug collecting, who knows! …