Sneezy the Dragon – Forest School

Sneezy the Dragon - Forest SchoolSneezy the Dragon – Forest School. I no longer attend our Forest School sessions. I just sit behind the desk doing the admin, managing the sessions and liaising with parents. So, lockdown weary I decided to pop along to the woods at Burbage Common last week. I meet the new faces who are joining us on our adventures and see some old friends.

Wow!! I immediately realised how much I had missed seeing the children’s faces. Especially when they meet us to go exploring and use their imagination. The smiles of everybody, including the big kids (adults) from the joy of being outside was also wonderful to see.

Sneezy the Dragon

Sneezy the Dragon - Forest SchoolAs we headed into the woods we were told of how the ‘little people’ who live in the woods and their friend Sneezy the Dragon had caught a cold and had sneezed all over their village and sneezed them all away! Our mission for the morning (as suggested by one of the children) was to help to rebuild the little people’s village!

We all searched for sticks of all various sizes and found places where we thought the little people would have liked to live. Then we started to rebuild their homes and community.  The little people’s homes came in all shapes and sizes. Some had 3 sticks balancing in a prism and some were more complex with 10 sticks leaning against a tree with a door. Along with the words ‘door’ etched in the ground, “so the little people knew where the entrance was”, how clever those children are!

The sense of achievement, success and pride as the children showed us what they had created was immense. And right there, they became more confident and resilient, right in front of my eyes.

House Building

One child finished building his house and I asked, “what else would the little people like us to build for them?” he thought about it and quickly said “a park”! So, we set to work building a slide, then a seesaw, a roundabout and finally a climbing frame!  The wide-eyed excitement as the child stood back and surveyed what he had built was awe inspiring!

I cannot wait to go back!

Thanks for reading this months blog, Sneezy the Dragon – Forest School. Hope to see to next month.

Helen x

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